Sir Lancelot

Bird ID: 641
Species: Macaw
Sex: Male
Sub-Species: Blue and Gold
Adopted on 2020-08-23
Hi! Sir Lancelot aka Lance here! I speak a few human words and love to laugh or whistle when you do. I also enjoy showers and love dancing to some good music!

UPDATE Mar 2016: Lancelot was adopted by a nice family who loved him very much over the last several years but due to health issues is unable to care for him now and wants the best for him. This big boy is healthy and beautiful, on a great pellet diet and loves all his veggies and fruits (except squash, yuck!) Lancelot is a great bird who enjoys his out time every day to play or just hang out with you. He steps up nicely and will say "hello" "I love you" "pretty bird" and more. He doesn`t even mind dogs or cats! Lancelot would thrive as your one and only or in a home with few other birds to take your attention away from this handsome guy! UPDATE Mar 2020: Thank goodness for my Mickaboo friends who came to get me after my mom (who loved me very, very much) unexpectedly passed away. I`m a big beautiful sweetheart of a guy wishing and hoping again for that special someone or family to forever call my very own. Please contact the macaw coordinator to learn more about me.