Comet and Bell

Bird ID: 6413
Species: Lovebird
Sex: Male-Female Bonded Pair
Sub-Species: Dutch Blue
Adopted on 2020-10-26
Hi, we are Comet and Bell. We were surrendered to the shelter after our person had a family emergency. I, Bell, they thought I was the mom to Cosmo, the tailless, and Wanda, turns out Wada is the mom meaning I am younger than thought!. We seem to be white-faced lovebirds of the peach-faced species, which we think is pretty cool! We are trying new foods, learning how to eat healthier, and also to not be so afraid of people. Those hands are big and pretty scary, even though we did have hands-on experiences when we were younger. We all come from laid back Santa Cruz so I think we can be socialized with a little time and work. We are in need of a loving forever home and do have some aviary experience! We will check back in later with more updates and info as we are still a bit new. If you are interested in us and not already a Mickaboo member please see the link how to become one so you can meet and hopefully adopt us! If you are a member please contact the lovebird coordinator! Thank you! Comet and Bell UPDATE - July 7, 2020 Comet and Bell are doing great. They keep one another company, its always fun to watch them play. They are adorable and smart or should I say very observant. When reading a book to the kids they enjoy chirping in on the conversation, lol. Great set of lovebirds. They surely love swings. Comet and Bell work from home as they have attended zoom meetings with me, yes they like technology!