Bird ID: 6471
Species: Amazon
Sex: Unknown
Sub-Species: Yellow Nape
Adopted on 2021-10-03
Hi, my name is Max. I am an older Yellow Nape Amazon. My story is a sad one. I was with my family for may years and they decided to give me away. The new person thought it would be a good idea to put me outside. While it is a good thing to push the cage outside every day for fresh air and sunshine, you always have to be there to supervise. Sadly I was left outside for good and a raccoon decided to try and make a meal out of me. I was rushed to the doctor where the owner surrendered me. Luckily the doctor knew about Mickaboo and a volunteer came to pick me up and take me to an avian vet. I had to have my wing amputated and was in the hospital for a long time. I am slowly finding my balance and I tip over sometimes so I have to have a cage with the perches down low in case I fall. Other than that I am a typical Amazon. I eat like a pig, I talk a lot and have been known to sing "I Left my Heart in San Francisco" on more than one occasion. I like kids, birds and dogs. I`m looking for a permanent home. Will you be the happy ending to my sad story? I am on Facebook!