Blazin (Zinny)

Bird ID: 6558
Species: Lovebird
Sex: Female
Sub-Species: Peach Faced
Adopted on 2020-10-18
Hello, I am Zinny full name Blazin. I had a pretty basic name before and really felt I needed something special so I was named after an artist who loves to use bright colors. I like my name, it is fitting. I am a pretty serious girl, serious about demolishing wood! Anything, any toy, if it is wood I will chew it to shreds! I am quite vocal as well. Oh those missing feathers from my back I was over plucked by my now ex mate...well, they do say bald is beautiful! I am beautiful! We are hoping however they will come back in and some of the down already has so talons crossed! I do have poly-folliculitis meaning I have multiple feathers coming out of a single follicle ...this can really hurt and makes me sort of grumpy. Can you really blame me!? But really I am a sweet girl. I had a REALLY horrible diet upon coming here and am now eating much healthier pellets and Nutri-an cakes and millet. YUM Millet!!! They try to feed me fresh fruit and veggies and I think not! Apple is okay but that leafy green stuff well...they keep trying! If you are interested in me or have handsome little guy who needs a friend I just may be your girl, just let the coordinator know and click the links above! Tweetles! Zinny