Bird ID: 6663
Species: African Grey
Sex: Unknown
Sub-Species: Timneh
Adopted on 2020-06-12
UPDATE 6/2/20:
"I have been in my foster home for about 2 months now, and I have acclimated very well. My leg band says I am about 7 years old, born in 2013. I step up, I am full flighted, and have even learned to fly to my foster parents on command (and sometimes onto their heads without the command!) I am a very busy bird, especially in the mornings, and when I`m on the move I need something to shred or play with. Otherwise during the day I am happy to just sit with my person and hang out!

I prefer not to talk, but I love making water noises, beeps, sneezes and coughs, and I always love to whistle! I did have a bit of a biting problem when I got to my foster home, and while that has subsided, I can tend to get nippy when I`m tired or hormonal. I also seem to be pretty fearful of new things, including perches or step up sticks! I would rather just be on the furniture or my cage, but this could change with time and patience.

Overall, I am an energy-filled birdy who just needs a little bit of patience and a lot of love from a good home. Could that be with you?"

Hi, my name is Mabawa which means "wings" in Swahili. I was a stray who was turned into a County shelter. The shelter could not locate my owner so they asked Mickaboo. to take me in. Now I`m settling into a nice foster home and waiting for my new forever home.

I am a Timneh Grey. We Timnehs are smaller than the Congo Greys. We have a darker grey body color with a maroon tail. Otherwise, we are very much like our larger Congo cousins.

I am a friendly guy and say a few words along with various whistles and household sounds.