Bird ID: 6725
Species: Parrotlet
Sex: Male
Sub-Species: Pacific
Adopted on 2020-08-23
Jeffrey is a beautiful blue parrotlet that is available for adoption to the right home. While he is somewhat tame, he will need a new "parent" that is patient and can give him a lot of attention. Preferably, he would be best situated in a home with a single small bird and no children (parrotlets are curious and easily injured). He is scared of fingers/hands BUT is stick tame and will fly to and sit on your shoulder, he knows his name and I think he is on the verge of saying some words. With patience, he can be hand tame. He is active, can be noisy and flies fast and well. He is smart, he has learned the layout of most of our house. He does bite but not very hard - mainly if a finger is brought close to his beak. He likes head scritches usually before bed time.