Bird ID: 6761
Species: Finch/Canary
Sex: Male
Sub-Species: Canary
Adopted on 2021-03-09
Update 3/9/21: I have an adoption pending!

Update 10/8/20: Pumpkin is a boy! Here is an update from his foster mom:
"Pumpkin is doing really well! We got through the six week quarantine and Pumpkin has now joined the household in the living room! Pumpkin LOVES, LOVES, LOVES raw broccoli!! And also eats cooked carrot, kale, lettuce, apple, grape, egg. 100% on pellets. Loves flying in the cage, playing with toys and wood perches. Still won`t bathe at the bottom. AND........we`re starting to think Pumpkin is a boy!!! Oh, and he just finished molting!!"

Hi, my name is Pumpkin. I got lost in the great outdoors, but lucky for me some kind people found me and took me in. Now I`m in a Mickaboo foster home waiting for my new person to come along and adopt me.

I`m not telling yet whether I`m a boy or girl. But I will soon! Stay tuned for updates.