Leia (& Luke)

Bird ID: 6819
Species: Conure
Sex: Female
Sub-Species: Sun
Adopted on 2021-06-17
Luke and Leia are an adorable pair of bonded Sun Conures. They are acclimating nicely to their foster home. They came to Mickaboo when their owner could no longer care for them due to medical reasons and are approximately 10 years old. They remain shy but will come out of the cage on their own when they feel like it. They do like to sit on your shoulders and give you little nibbles - super cute and sweet.

They are currently in the process of trying to switch their seeded diet to Harrison`s. They love fruit and are getting used to green leafy vegetables. When they want something they can be very very loud!

They will make someone very happy when they reach their forever home. They are bonded and must not be separated.

For more information about us, please check out our introduction at the January Mickaboo Adoption Fair!