Bird ID: 6904
Species: Lorikeet
Sex: Unknown
Sub-Species: Rainbow
Adopted on 2021-03-17
Hello, my name is ”Waffle,” and I`m a Rainbow Lorikeet. I was named by a 5-year-old child who could not pronounce ”Guapo” correctly. My current owners believe I am a male.

I was taken to the animal shelter when my original owner was hospitalized, and the Animal Services Officer pulled me out of a hoarder home. My cage was filthy.

I`m a very friendly boy who loves to spend time out of my cage. I can be a tad rude sometimes and will lick your nostril and ears. I love my hanging bell and use it as a form of communication. I ring the bell when I`m hungry, happy, or even upset. I attempt to talk, but it does sound like walkie-talkie radio chatter.

When you cover me at night, I`ll say ”Bird, disappear,” ring my bell, and then tuck in for the night. I love to mimic people when they either laugh or cough. I love going into my outdoor enclosure, but I highly recommend keeping close supervision since the neighborhood cats are attracted to my bright colors, but I will let you know if they come close.

I`m very curious and loved to go into small hiding spaces and climb trees. But I`m really good at letting you know where I`m at when called and will step up when you offer a hand. My mom says my personality is as bright as my colors.