Bird ID: 6977
Species: Ringneck
Sex: Male
Sub-Species: Indian
Adopted on 2021-11-01
Hi everyone! I have someone interested in adopting me right now. Check back soon, and be sure to check out Mickaboo`s other birds.

My name is True and I am a 12-year old male Indian Ringneck. I recently came in from the shelter. My feathers were in bad shape but a lot of them are already growing back. I have some tail feathers again! I am a really sweet guy. I can talk, make cute sounds, and whistle! When I say ”hello” or ”I love you” or ”yummy, yummy” it will melt your heart. Although I am a ringneck, I am not loud at all. I am not stepping up yet but I started to carefully venture out of my cage. Because of my feather situation, I am still a bit wobbly. I don`t need a special setup but I can easily fall if I am startled, so people need to approach me slowly. But I am confident that I will get better with time and patience.

You can see a little video of me here, starting to explore: (This is a public link, you don`t need a facebook account to view it).