Do, Ray, and Me

Bird ID: 6978
Species: Finch/Canary
Sex: Male
Sub-Species: Finch
Adopted on 2021-05-23
Hello! We are Do, Ray, and Me - 3 male zebra finches who came to Mickaboo when Do injured his wing. He is doing much better now and we are enjoying a new life in our foster home with plenty of good food and toys. Yes! Finches like toys that are the right size and texture for them - ask our finch experts!
We enjoy a healthy seed mix and lots of greens - grasses, parsley, cilantro, anything we can nibble on with our tiny beaks. A large cage is important for birds like us because we love to fly back and forth A LOT. And if you love the sound of tiny beeps, you will adore us!

You can see a video of us here from the April 2021 Mickaboo Adoption Fair:

Go to our "How to Adopt or Foster" page to find out how to get started on getting us to your home now!