Bird ID: 6993
Species: African Grey
Sex: Male
Sub-Species: Congo
Adopted on 2021-07-12
Hi, I`m Toby. I just came into Mickaboo on April 30th 2021, with a nasty crop injury. I got hurt by something or someone and they tried to fix me up themselves - so dangerous and painful!

Fortunately they eventually realized this was a terrible idea and took me to a vet, who asked Mickaboo if they`d help me out. I spent a few weeks at the vet where they were able to suture up my crop and my chest and separate everything as it should be, and now I`m good as new!

I just moved into a new foster home where I`m getting to know my new foster mom, but I`m singing and talking already, I`m so happy to be in a good set up and out of the vet! Things are looking up for me now.