Bird ID: 7018
Species: Poicephalus
Sex: Unknown
Sub-Species: Senegal Parrot
Adopted on 2021-07-15
Thanks for your interest in me, but it looks like I`ve found a new home! Please check out Mickaboo`s other Poicephalus -- or any of their other birds, really -- to see who`s still available.

You can read about my continuing adventures, and those of other Mickaboo Poicephalus, on our Facebook page. Come visit us there!

Hi, I`m Senegal Parrot Sammy! I`m an older bird who`s lived in the same home for his whole life until recently, so this is all a little scary to me so far. I`m a mellow and friendly bird, which is helping me to settle into foster care.

I`m a little bit heavy so I needed to get on a good diet, and I was a bit scared of interacting with people after having not been handled much in a while . The good news is I`m now on a great diet and love visiting with my foster dad. Carrots are my new favorite food, and I`ll eat almost any other healthy food they give me. I was scared to step out of my cage at first, but now I love sitting on my foster dad`s arm and would visit with him all day if I could. He helps me to open the pin feathers on back of my neck, which I appreciate.

Like many of the Poicephalus, I can be a little bit bossy around other birds and I need to be kept out of direct contact with them without constant supervision. I will probably do best as the only bird in a household, with someone who will focus all their attention on me.