Bird ID: 7039
Species: Conure
Sex: Unknown
Sub-Species: Green Cheek
Adopted on 2022-01-09
Hi everyone, I`m Avocado, and my story is a pretty unusual one for Mickaboo. Most Mickaboo birds come in once they`re older, but I came in as a brand new baby. My parents were owned by backyard breeders, and didn`t know how to take proper care of me and my siblings. Unfortunately, my two younger siblings passed away, but Mickaboo was able to help make sure I was safe, healthy, and in a home that knew how to make sure I`d make it.

When I first came to Mickaboo, we weren`t sure if I would ever be able to walk again. My leg was straight out to the side, but thanks to the care I got, I can now use it, even if it`s still not great. I need a special cage setup with lots of platforms and a bit of extra help so I can perch, and in the future I might need a soft-bottomed cage to let me rest, but I`m still a very active bird.

In fact, my foster mom says I`m quit the diva! I want all the attention, all the love, and all the toys! My perfect home would be someone who doesn`t have other birds, and wants a bird who will be their very best friend.

If you think you might be able to give me a home, please reach out to the conure coordinator to let them know!