Bird ID: 7090
Species: Rosella
Sex: Unknown
Sub-Species: Crimson Rosella
Adopted on 2022-02-08

Hello! I`m Sam, a Crimson Rosella. I`m a friendly, active, energetic bird! Like most rosellas, I`m a bit of a wild child and prefer flying and moving around instead of sitting and visiting with people. I will sit quietly sometimes and listen to my foster dad, though, and I`ll talk back in my bird voice. I can say "step up" and like to whistle and beep.

I`m on a great diet of pellets, grains, and vegetables, and thus far, I get along well with other Australian birds, even those that are smaller than me.

I`ve lived indoors with people for many years and like their ambient company, but I also like my space. I would probably do well in an aviary with other Australian birds like rosella, cockatiels, budgerigars, and Neophema.