Bird ID: 7166
Species: Lovebird
Sex: Female
Sub-Species: Peach Faced
Adopted on 2022-03-04
See Tweety`s appearance in the January 2022 adoption fair here!

Hi I`m Tweety, a sweet, shy female dutch blue peach face lovebird. I lived with my human companion for around 5 years after she adopted me from the animal shelter. She cared for me until she passed away and I was loving cared for by her family member who wanted a better home for me so contacted Mickaboo. I am now being fostered by a volunteer who has other birds so I`m not alone. I have been doing very well with switching over to a healthier diet and enjoy eating Harrison`s pellets and nutrian cakes along with my fresh veggies/fruits.

Hands and stepping up are not concepts I`m familiar with but I certainly can learn with patience and love. I`m not a nippy gal and in fact have not been showing aggression at all. I`m really just trying to adjust to my new life. I like to sit out on a playgym or cage top and just chill out enjoying ambient attention for now.

If you are interested in a sweet mellow gal like me please contact Mickaboo to learn more about me.