Bird ID: Q2006002
Species: Lorikeet
Sex: Female
Sub-Species: Green Naped
Health Status: Special Needs
Good with Kids: Unknown
Well Socialized: Unknown
Adoption Status: Foster on 2017-10-29

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Peetie is a female green naped lorikeet that was surrendered to Mickaboo by her owner who could no longer care for her due to her owner`s illness. Peetie has been with her new foster family for a few months. She loves her wet nectar diet with a daily dosage of milk thistle! She also enjoys fresh fruits, including apples, pears, grapes, and oranges. Anything juicy is delicious! She will eat vegetables but not yet as readily as fruits. Peetie will gently take a piece of fresh fruit from your hand. She LOVES to splash around in her bathtub. Peetie has no fear. She has a large cage and makes full use of all the space, perches, and toys available in her cage. If you add something new to her cage, she quickly comes over to see what`s going on. Peetie can be territorial with her food bowl and other items in her cage, but she can be easily distracted by paper or a towel. She prefers not to step up, but she will readily move somewhere that there is paper. Peetie talks, sometimes with hilarious consequences. So far her foster family has heard: Peetie girl, take a bath, hey!, what are you doing, pretty bird, night night, bye bye, are you being bad, ok, hello, ssh!, and nonsense that her prior family thought was her imitating phone conversations. She also perfectly imitates a woman`s sneeze and whistles like she`s calling a dog. She has recently learned to sing "bird bird bird" from the song "Surfin Bird."