Bird ID: O2006004
Species: Macaw
Sex: Male
Sub-Species: Scarlet
Health Status: Special Needs
Good with Kids: Unknown
Well Socialized: Unknown
Adoption Status: Adoption on 2006-03-22
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UPDATE: "Rainbow is very happy in his new home. He enjoys hanging out with us in the evenings, and dances toMatt`s quitar and chuckles at our jokes. He loves to roam around the house and chuckle at the shoes in the hallway. He always welcomes us home with a great big "Hellooo". He has not stopped his plucking and tends to grow his feathers out so he can have a grand plucking session, but I think he likes his look as a nudist! He has begun to chew on some wood and likes to chew on a plastic water bottle. We are happy for him to chew on anything besides himself. His personality has developed since we have taken him into our home and he is definitely part of our family. A very sweet macaw! For a bird lover "Bobo" is a blessing, he is sweet, soft spoken and a great sense of humor." UPDATE 4/19/05: Here is the latest from Rainbow`s foster mom: "Rainbow is doing much better but will probably need to see the doctor from time to time to have his air sacs emptied. He is very friendly with new people when he is inside his cage, but when he is outside of the cage, he is more cautious. He just wants to make sure that he can trust you. He is very entertaining and his latest thing is to climb down to the floor and follow you around making soft noises, like he`s talking. If you stand still, he will stand on your foot for as long as you let him." Hi, my name is Rainbow. I was named after my beautiful feathers, which are the colors of the rainbow. I came from an unhappy situation. My mom and dad liked to smoke, and they did it right in front of me all day long. As a result, I started pulling out my feathers, trying to get the nicotine out of them. I am in a home now where no one smokes and I`m feeling better already. My foster mom tries to take me into the shower, but I`m afraid of the water because my previous mom and dad used to spray me with a squirt bottle whenever I made noise. We`re still working on the showers, and one day, I will probably enjoy them. The good news is that my feathers are growing back anyway. I love to cuddle with my foster mom and look up at her adoringly. I have decided that she is an okay person and I will let her pet me for hours. I had been on a seed diet but the very first day that my new foster mom got me, she gave me pellets and I gobbled them right up! To this day, I still gobble them up and I eat pretty much everything else that is given to me. My only real problem is that when Mickaboo got me, they discovered that my air sacs had been ruptured, and I have to go to the doctor every so often to get the air drained out of them. Hopefully this will get better. As a result, I`m a pretty quiet bird for a macaw but I do talk. I say hello when someone comes into the room and goodbye when someone leaves. I also call for my "mama", or sometimes just for "mom". I also sing "Somewhere over the Rainbow" but I haven`t done that for my foster mom just yet. I also dance! I dance for everyone: at the doctor`s office, at home, wherever there is an audience! I`m looking for someone to sing a duet with me while we dance. Could you be the one?