Matching Gift Event - Wednesday, May 13, 2015 - ALL DAY

matching gift opportunity is underway NOW, Wednesday, May 13, 6 am - 9 pm Pacific - and Mickaboo's birds are asking for your help.Budgie Gang

Why should anyone care about these birds? To answer that question, one of our adopters/volunteers told us about two of her parakeets, Miracle and Poppy.  Miracle flew like a rock - meaning straight down to the floor. 

"Well, today Miracle found himself on the floor again and when I didn't notice him right away, Poppy got to a spot on the outside of the cage where he could see Miracle and also get my attention with his chirping and acrobatics.  Once he knew I was watching him, he switched his focus toward the floor, knowing I'd follow his gaze.  Miracle stepped up to my hand from my floor and Poppy then watched him non-stop until I got him back to the cage.

Why do we save them?  Because they are intelligent, thinking companion birds who deserve it ... even when not physically perfect."

YOUR financial help is what makes the Mickaboo miracle happen. Your donation on Wednesday, May 13 before 9 pm Pacific will go further! GlobalGiving will match ALL of your online donations, up to $1,000 per donor per project. The exact matching percentage depends on how much GlobalGiving collects in total, for all of its nonprofit partners.  We will announce the result on this blog on Thursday, May 14.

Please use this matching gift opportunity to help our rescued birds heal and find permanent, loving homes.

Bird Toon of the Day - May 11, 2015

Six Chix' Rina Piccolo's take on the typical nature tour/documentary narrative, from April 30, 2014. Information about this unusual daily comic strip after the jump:

Six Chix is a unique entry to the comics pages; it is a collaborative effort of six woman cartoonists who each draw one strip on a specific weekday (Isabella Bannerman on Mondays, Margaret Shulock Tuesdays, Rina Piccolo Wednesdays, Anne Gibbons Thursdays, Benita Epstein Fridays, and Stephanie Piro Saturdays) with the Sunday edition rotated between them so each does one per six-week period.

I have a handful of bird-related Six Chix strips in my archives. Bannerman does a lot of "play on word" strips which feature the occasional parrot; Shulock often does strips on outdoor birds and sometimes ventures inside pet shops for her humor; Piccolo likes to play off of cliches and sayings, which bring birds in once in a while; and the others are few and far between on bird-related strips.  Still, a toon is a toon!

Bird Toon of the Day - May 5, 2015

Let's introduce another "contributing" newspaper comic.  WuMo is named after its co-creators, writer Mikael Wulff and illustrator Anders Morgenthaler, and is one of the most popular strips in Europe.  It has been available in the U.S. since mid-2013.  Think of it as a warped version of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales.

This panel is from December 17, 2013.

Mickaboo's Annual Spring Fling, Hayward - June 7, 2015

Party and potluck with other bird-lovers!  Bird supplies and other goodies will be available for a donation.  We'll be auctioning or raffling some fabulous items too, including:

  • One Pier 39 Family Fun Pack (4 Blue and Gold Bay Cruise or RocketBoat Tickets, 4 SF Carousel Ride Tickets, 4 7D Experience Tickets, 4 Aquarium of the Bay Tickets, 2-Hour Validation for Pier 39 Parking Garage - total approximate value: $270)
  • A gift certificate for the San Francisco Bird Hotel
  • Eight Will Bullas art prints, donated by Will Bullas

Learn more and sign up here so we'll know to expect you!