Rocket (and Mozart)

Bird ID: 6042
Species: Cockatiel
Sex: Male
Sub-Species: Normal Grey
Health Status: Healthy
Good with Children: Unknown
Well Socialized: Unknown
Currently in Foster Care
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Hi, my name is Rocket, named aptly for my flying prowess and because I am a blast! My best friend is Mozart, but we have the most fun being with a human who will let us ride on their shoulders, give us scratches, and sing with us. We think humans are great and would love to be with some who want us to join in on the fun!

While I don’t like to be far from Mozart, I am very curious about everything relating to people. I love when I get to be close to my foster dad’s mouth and he whistles to me or makes kissing noises. If I see him sitting down for a meal, I’ll happily fly over and join him (he better bring some food for me!). I love getting misted with a spray bottle, and I’m a big fan of scratches as long as Mozart is getting some too. We look out for each other! My foster dad will rock me back and forth while whistling, and I love to dance and sing along.

When I can’t play with other humans, I am very happy to play with toys I can chew apart, look out the window from my play stand, and chat with Mozart. Not to brag, but we have some of the cutest little chirps we make to each other. I’m a very relaxed, quiet, low-maintenance bird and feel best in an environment without too much excitement or a lot of loud noises.

I get along with the other cockatiels in my foster home, but I don’t need to be around other birds. I’d be over the moon to meet one or more humans who would love to take care of me and my equally sweet, friendly pal, Mozart.

Here are some videos of us playing together:

In nature, cockatiels live in large flocks. A single bird in a cage spends much of his/her life being lonely because humans have things they must do that take them away. We therefore will only adopt a single cockatiel to a household if there is already at least one cockatiel living there. Otherwise, cockatiels must be adopted in groups of two or more.