New Birds

These birds have been with Mickaboo for less than three months.

Amber (bonded with Jasper) - Lutino Cockatiel

April F - Standard Budgie No Photo

Baby (Ringneck) - Indian Ringneck

Caleb - Lutino Cockatiel

Crackers - Umbrella Cockatoo

Falcon (and Snowman) - Lutino Cockatiel

Figgie and Jammie - Finch Finch/Canary

Flame - Congo African Grey

Fremont - Standard Budgie Parakeet

George - Moluccan Cockatoo

Ginger and Tweety - Masked Lovebird

Harrington - Normal Grey Cockatiel

Jasper (bonded with Amber) - Pied Cockatiel

Loru - Military Macaw

Mariah - Catalina Macaw

Pebbles - Congo African Grey

Portia F - Standard Budgie No Photo

Robbie - Pied Cockatiel

Snowman (and Falcon) - Whiteface Cockatiel

Wyatt - Pied Cockatiel